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Paul Revere Students

We believe that children are the future and we must teach them well and prepare them to lead the way, while showing them all the beauty they possess inside.  And tonight we invite you to join us as we hear from a group of children Paul Revere Academy who we hope to one day~ lead


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College Prep Class

  Open to everyone enrolled in our Leadership Academy, Alive & Free will parallel the structure and content of your first-year of college classes. We focus on reading, writing literacy, life skills as well as financial literacy. Please join us as we prepare you for your future!


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Sign Up for July’s Alive & Free Training Institute

"This work for me is more than work," states Ms. Estell as the March session of the Alive & Free Training Institute wrapped up.  " It's serious, and I take it seriously.  The information that we share, that's given to you is more than words. It's a lifestyle." Participants are educated about the disease of violence.


Darian Eastman ~ Deprogramming

Darian Eastmon~ Deprogramming from Alive & Free/ Street Soldiers on Vimeo.


Not In His Shadow

The writing for Not in His Shadow began in 2009 as a conceptual piece for de-mystifying fairytales and how they impact the lives of girls. It wasn’t too much longer when a different story began to emerge, so I elected to shelve the fairytale project. The result is a whole new book about love and loyalty between high school sweethearts.


Alive & Free Consortium: Heather Starnes

The Alive & Free Consortium is a group of international professionals and organizations dedicated to preventing violence.  The members come from states such as Nebraska, New Jersey, Alabama, Maryland, and countries like South Africa and Canada. Closer to home in California, we have Consortium members in Fairfield, East Palo Alto, Los Angeles, and Richmond- to