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The Prescription to End Violence and Change Lives

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Our Mission

To keep young people alive and free, unharmed by violence, and free from incarceration. To provide young people with opportunity and support to build positive lives for themselves and to move into contributing roles in society.

The Alive & Free Prescription


Alive & Free works to transform the lives of young people by treating violence like a disease. 


The Prescription works to change beliefs, attitudes, values and actions that promote violence. It identifies the symptomatic thoughts and behaviors that put young people at risk for violence, addresses the underlying feelings and emotions that contribute to violent behavior and introduces a new mindset that promotes positive lifestyle choices.


Young people who have learned the Alive & Free Prescription have a new set of life skills to make choices that help them go to college, succeed in life, and give back to their communities.

Real Impact

Alive & Free teaches young people how to be immune to the disease of violence and offers a community of support to guide them on the path to college. The prescription creates real change for our communities with measurable results.



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College Graduates



Master's or PhD

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Success Stories

Kai Smith

  Kai Smith was recently featured in her local magazine as a result of her successful business endeavors! Kai is currently the founder of 2 small businesses, KTL Insurance Services (13 years) and Kai’s Koffee (3 years) in Pelham, Alabama. “I didn’t want to go to college, I didn’t have the grades. I barely got out of high school,” said…

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Jeremiah Rushing

Before I started coming to Alive & Free, I was going through a really tough time. The day of my first Leadership Academy meeting was actually the same day as my father’s memorial service. I decided to come to Alive & Free the same day, right after the service, because I really needed a change.…

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Vanita Williams

Bold, Brilliant, Beautiful and All About Her Business Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a gatekeeper of a company? If so, Alive & Free alumna Vanita Williams, Vice President of Small Banking at Bank of America, can tell you. When her journey at Omega Boys Club began in 1997, Vanita knew even…

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Dr. Joseph Marshall is recognized as a social entrepreneur for his pioneering work redefining youth violence as a disease and developing the successful Alive & Free Prescription along with Jack Jacqua, a community activist with over 40 years of experience as a teacher, counselor and coach.

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