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Career Day 2016

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” -Confucius


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Alive & Free College Prep introduces our students to a variety of opportunities.  We take them to visit jobs with employees who look like them.  We make sure they know that if they work hard, they can achieve anything.  “The expectation is that you present and carry yourself in a professional manner,” said Ms. Estell.  She helped to set the tone for the day.  “These people have stopped their world for you today”.

aliveandfree_milomixWe rented a bus which drove us over the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, a bridge which some of our students have never crossed, symbolic of our career day adventure.  They dressed in their best, professional gear as they entered the working studio of MiloMix Productions.  The students were in awe  as they learned the journey of the owner Chris Miloslavich, a self-employed videographer and editor.  He shared his passion for audio and video, the difficulties he entailed, and the triumphs he accomplished.  He gave the students a preview of a few projects he is working on in his studio and then impressed them as they toured the building and showed them the large soundproof theater used for reviewing movies.  Our students asked questions and took notes learning about what it takes to be your own boss.

aliveandfree_zuckerburgWe hopped back on the bus and crossed the iconic Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco and headed to San
Francisco General Hospital.  Our students met with trauma surgeon Dr. Andre Campbell, who shared his story of attending medical school for 16 years to reach his goal of being a doctor.  He explained how hard and rewarding his work is, explaining how he likes to help his patients by solving their health problems. He asked who is interested in the medical field, and 3 of our students rose their hands.  They now have a role model showing them it can be done.

aliveandfree_careerday_blackbarkbbqOur last stop involved the famous restaurant,  1300 on Fillmore.  Owned by the dynamic husband and wife team, Chef David Lawrence & Monetta White shared how they shared a dream of creating their restaurant.

aliveandfree_1300Chef Lawrence has an extensive and impressive background in fine food, and he developed the fine cuisine which attracts locals and celebrities alike.  Monetta White shares how she learned how to raise money, develop a business plan, and work every day to make their restaurant a success. She proved her hard work paid off when she pointed to their newest business, Black Bark BBQ, which is right across the street from their first restaurant.  She gave us a tour of the place as she explained her purpose for the design, her employees work ethic, and how they’ve expanded their services to include fun events like gospel brunch and a DJ on Thursdays.  Alive & Free’s Career Day was an absolute delight!

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