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Alive & Free Consortium

How do we prevent violence across the country and globally?

Join a group professionals and organizations dedicating to practicing and promoting the Alive & Free Prescription to End Violence and Change Lives.


The Alive & Free Consortium is a group of professionals and organizations dedicated to preventing violence by using and promoting the Alive & Free Prescription developed by the Alive & Free/Omega  Boys Club in San Francisco, California.


Founded in October 2003, the Alive & Free Consortium was developed at the request of individuals across the country who had previously attended the Alive & Free Training Institute and were actively engaged in violence prevention work.   They felt the need for a formal organization that would support them as they combat violence in their communities.

The mission of the Consortium is to keep young people alive (unharmed by violence) and free (from incarceration) by promoting the understanding and adoption the Alive & Free Prescription as a way to prevent violence. The Founder and President of the Consortium is Joseph E. Marshall, Jr. PhD, co-founder and Executive Director of Alive & Free. In 2006 the Consortium launched the Alive & Free Movement.

The Alive & Free Prescription sees violence as a public health issue and this disease framework is a key principle that all Consortium members espouse.

Viewing violence from a public health/disease perspective:

  • Frames violence at the community and individual level as treatable and avoidable.
  • Identifies specific precursors of violence as avoidable.
  • Identifies young people–including perpetrators of violence–as victims of the disease of violence rather than as “bad” people, while at the same time placing responsibility to reduce the risk of violence on the individuals themselves.
  • Provides specific methods and techniques for individuals and organizations to prevent violence in themselves and in their communities.

Activities for the Consortium include:

  • Yearly Consortium Planning Retreats
  • Refresher Training Institutes
  • Sponsoring regional and national conferences to teach and promote the Alive & Free violence prevention methodology
  • Creation of a “train the trainer” program to increase the number of individuals available to train individuals and organizations in the Alive & Free methodology.
  • Developing an army of street soldiers—individuals committed to eliminating violence in their own lives, in the community, across the nation and around the world.

Those interested in becoming members of the Consortium should apply for the Alive & Free Training Institute or Contact Us. 

Alive & Free Consortium Members

USA - West

Dr. Joseph Marshall
Consortium President, Executive Director
Alive & Free
San Francisco, CA
Work Email:

Diane Gray
Executive Director
100% College Prep
San Francisco, CA
Work Email:

Dr. John Haller
Program Evaluator
Alive & Free
Work Email:

Dr. Tanya Moore
Education & Youth Services Specialist
City of Berkeley
Berkeley, CA
Work Email:

Khalid Elahi
Life Skills Instructor
The Reset Foundation

El Sobrante, CA
Personal Email:

Kristina Thompson
Executive Director
For Youth By Youth (FYBY)
East Palo Alto, CA
Work Email:

Heather Starnes
Live In Peace
Executive Director
East Palo Alto, CA
Personal Email:

Jeri Marshall
Outreach Specialist
American River College
Sacramento, CA
Personal Email:

Renee White
Executive Director
I Have a Dream Foundation
Los Angeles, CA
Work Email:

Naomi McSwain
Executive Director
Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center
Los Angeles, CA
Work Email:

Garey Thompson
Staff Supervisor
D’Veal Family and Youth Services
Pasadena, CA
Personal Email:

Stefan Wilson
Overcoming Gangs & Beyond
San Diego, CA
Personal Email:

Conrad Harris
Overcoming Gangs & Beyond
San Diegon CA
Personal Email:

Dr. Michael Rubino
The Lucas Center
Pleasant Hill, CA
Work Email: DrMike@RCS-CA.COM

Jovi Catena
Program Manager
Metrocenter YMCA
Seattle, WA
Work Email:

USA - Midwest

Maurice Benson
Street Soldier Program Facilitator for West Regional area
West Regional area
Chicago, IL
Work Phone: 773.371.0359

Maurice Scott
Executive Director
Martin Luther King Recreation Center
South Bend, IN
Work Fax: 574.235.9445

Pastor Tony E. Sanders Jr.
CEO Family First: A Call to Action
Koinonia House of Worship
Omaha, NE
Work Email:

USA - South

Roderick Stevenson
Executive Director
Futures, Inc.
Birmingham, AL
Personal Email:



Tamiko Ferguson
SUMMIT Program
Queen Elizabeth CVI
Work Email:


Dr. Pongrapee Buranasompob
Board Member/Youth Life Skill Consultant
YOUTHCAN Project and Youth Can Club
Personal Email:


Whidney Prins
Director of Operations
Ubomi Youth Foundation
South Africa
Work Email:


Llowellyn Syce
Ubomi Youth Foundation
South Africa
Personal Email:

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