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Speaking and Consulting

The Alive & Free staff is available to work with an organization interested in learning about our violence prevention methodology. They are available for speaking engagements, workshops, trainings or classes.


If you are seeking our consulting services, please contact the Alive & Free office and one of our staff will speak with your organization’s representative. We will establish alignment of methodology and services required, whether it be training, direct services or professional development.

Dr. Joseph Marshall
Dr. Joseph Marshall
Deborah Estell
Deborah Estell
Andre Aikins
Andre Aikins

When participating in classes using the Alive & Free methodology, the course of instruction will include:

  • Film study

  • Writing assignments

  • Reading

  • Self-examination

  • Cultural Studies

These tools will help the participants to:

  • Identify the thinking that causes young people to lose their lives or freedom

  • Use the information to help stop the thought process a young person is using

  • Develop a new way of thinking to increase the chances of young people staying Alive & Free

Whichever service one selects, the goal is:

  • To teach young people how to remain Alive & Free

  • To help young people become the best students possible

  • To help young people become positive leaders in their community

For more information please contact Alive & Free:

 (415) 826-8664

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