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Programs for Adults

What are the risk factors associated with violent behavior? Why do individuals harm themselves and others when they are angry, fearful or hurting? How is it possible to live a violence-free life?


Alive & Free Training Institute

Our 3-Day Training Institute covers the following curriculum:

Day 1: Violence as a Disease and Risk Factors of Violence

Day 2: Deprogramming the Commandments of Violence and Dealing with Emotional Residue: Anger, Fear and Pain

Day 3: The Prescription to End Violence and Rules for Living

The Alive & Free Prescription operates on the principle that violence is a disease with an explicit treatment process. The Prescription identifies and addresses the symptomatic thinking that puts young people at risk (Commandments of Violence), the actions that put young people at risk for violence (Risk Factors), the feelings and emotions that contribute to violent and/or destructive behavior (Emotional Residue of Anger, Fear, and Pain), and the Rules for Living that promote positive lifestyle choices. Young people who learn the Alive & Free prescription also have a new set of life skills to make choices that help them go to college, succeed in life, and give back to their communities.

Who Should Attend?

Due to demand, the training is offered several times throughout the year for persons interested in combating violence in their communities. Special consideration is given to those in direct service to youth: i.e. school personnel (administrators, guidance counselors, teachers and support staff); directors and staff of community based agencies; public servants (law enforcement and juvenile justice systems personnel); and social service care providers. Most workshops are held in San Francisco. Refer to “Upcoming Events” below for specific dates and times.

Selection Process:

Participants for the training are selected from a pool of individuals submitting applications and/or nominated by local community agencies. An advisory committee screens the applicants and nominees.

All participants are expected to attend the entire 3-day training. It is highly recommended that all participants read the book, Street Soldier, by Dr. Joseph E. Marshall, Jr., prior to attending the training.


Individuals selected for the workshops will assume responsibility for their air travel expenses, hotel accommodations, meals, and incidentals that are not sponsored by The Alive & Free Training Institute. The registration fee is $750.00. A deposit of *$250.00 must be submitted once your application is approved. For more information contact the Omega Boys Club at (415) 826-8664.

*All deposits will be applied to the registration fee.

Upcoming Dates

MON   Oct.16 8:30am - 4:30pm Introduction to The Alive & Free Prescription
TUES   Oct. 17 9:00am - 4:30pm Violence as a Disease: Risk Factors and Symptoms
WED    Oct. 18 9:00am - 4:30pm The Prescription: 4 Steps to End Violence


The purpose of The Alive & Free Prescription™  Training is to teach, train and instruct individuals in the Alive & Free Prescription based on the model (treating violence as a disease) developed by Dr. Marshall.

The Refresher Institute

The Refresher Institute is for those who have already completed The Alive & Free Prescription™  Training and wish to continue with their violence prevention training.


Where:  San Francisco, CA

When:  Call for schedule 1-800-765-3437

Fee:  NONE

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