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For Youth

The Alive & Free Leadership Academy offers youth ages 14-24 from all over the Bay Area a safe learning environment that inspires successful living and academic excellence.

For Adults

Attend our 3-day Training Institute to learn the “What, Why, and How” of eliminating violence and reducing conflict from individual lives and communities.

For Schools

The Alive & Free School Adoption Program assists in transforming schools into environments where all students can thrive and academic achievement is the norm.


Street Soldiers Radio

Alive & Free Street Soldiers radio show is a solutions oriented, weekly call-in show for youth, that focuses on the issues of violence, gangs, drugs, teen pregnancy and other topics which need attention in the community.

Alive and Free National Consortium

The Alive & Free National Consortium is a group of professionals and organizations dedicated to preventing violence by using and promoting the violence prevention model developed by the Omega Boys Club/Street Soldiers in San Francisco, California.

Speaking and Consulting

The Alive & Free staff is available to work with an organization interested in learning about our violence prevention methodology. They are available for speaking engagements, workshops, trainings or classes.