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Vanita Williams

vanita-williams-photoBold, Brilliant, Beautiful and All About Her Business

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a gatekeeper of a company? If so, Alive & Free alumna Vanita Williams, Vice President of Small Banking at Bank of America, can tell you.

When her journey at Omega Boys Club began in 1997, Vanita knew even then at 15 years old that she had to do what was necessary to stay on the right path.

What I learned in that first meeting was that everyone has a story. I thought about my story and for a long time it was one of pain. I learned that I needed to be an active participant in my story.

Vanita was brought to Omega Boys Club by her older brother Dr. Chris Harrison who at the time was a collegian attending Morehouse College.

Omega has been such a wonderful pillar in my life. Omega is home base. It taught me how to write, tell, and craft my own story.

While in high school Vanita continued to write her own story and decided to major in women’s studies at CSU Chico and at Florida International University as an exchange student.

I thought that I would become a women’s studies professor and I became a business woman! Everything tied in together. Don’t discount any of your experiences.

An advocate for women, Vanita gained a new perspective about women in business through her boss and mentor who encouraged her to pursue the business field and to be the best.

I know that as a Black woman I just can’t be my best, I have to be the best. Don’t be afraid to be the best. We don’t have room to be mediocre. You can’t be afraid to fail and to be the best.

Every road has it bumps and Vanita says the journey hasn’t always been smooth. Upon graduation from college Vanita lost her mother and describes her loss as an explosion in her life.

My mom was my sense of security and that was removed. I had to step up and be a woman. It was like a big explosion. The foundation was still there but I didn’t realize it.

After re-evaluating her goals, standards, and relationships as a young lady, Vanita made the decision to continue to walk by faith and walk away from people who didn’t hold her accountable.

Plan, Do, Review

If you want to see results, Vanita says that you must plan, do and review.

It’s a great way to keep ourselves in line. Sometimes we get lost. There is a path and as long we are moving forward it opens up.

Find a Way to Be Fearless

No matter the circumstance Vanita encourages others to find a way to be fearless. Omega was one of the places she learned to become fearless.

There’s always value in those dark places. I’m not afraid of those dark places because I know that I’m going to come out.

Three Steps to Fearlessness:

Create your own life’s vision and personal picture of what you want and where you want to be.

Be flexible. You never know what life is going to bring. Be flexible with the process.

Keep walking, don’t give up. You have to continue.

Vanita specializes in building relationships and has offered to connect with those who are interested in pursuing business and fearlessness on LinkedIn.

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Congratulations Vanita. We are definitely proud of you! You are a great representation of Alive & Free/Omega Boys Club.